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Blue satin rock and roll skirt

  • Manufactured by: Totally Wild Fashion


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The blue satin full circle rock and roll circle skirt is made from premium grade blue satin material.

The blue satin rock and roll circle skirt is approximately 65cm long from the waist to the hem and features a 30mm wide stretch elastic waistband and is available in genuine Australian ladies sizes S, M, L and XL only.

Blue satin full circle rock and roll skirt size guide:

  • Small size skirt fits 60cm waist and will comfortably stretch to 90cm.
  • Medium size skirt fits 80cm waist and will comfortably stretch to 100cm.
  • Large size skirt fits 90cm waist and will comfortably stretch to 110cm.
  • Extra Large size skirt fits 105cm waist and will comfortably stretch to 130cm.

Remember, the waist measurement is the only measurement required for the correct sizing of the blue satin full circle rock and roll skirt. Being a genuine full circle skirt the hip measurement is irrelevant.

To create a fuller bodied blue satin skirt our So-Soft 2 layer Rock and Roll petticoats are perfect for adding a little extra body to the skirt, whilst providing a little swirling surprise on the dance floor!

Petticoat Etiquette:

A petticoat is a ladies funderwear secret and should never be seen peeping below the hem!

A petticoat should never be attached to a skirt permanently and should never be simply netting attached to a skirt hem! OH My!

Only when your skirt is in full swing and full flight on the dance floor should a petticoat be seen... and only be seen to add a flash of brilliant colour to your twirls, swirls and turns, or a to add a fuller flirty fashion look to your rock and roll costume, rock and roll skirt, or to your classic retro rock and roll dress!

The rock and roll dress 60-65cm length petticoat will sit slight shorter or equal to the hem depending where the petticoat sits around your waist. Adjusting the position of where the petticoat sits around your waist will allow you to make minor adjustments to the length of the petticoat.

Blue satin full circle rock and roll skirt features:

  • Genuine full circle skirt.
  • Made from premium quality cool and comfy cotton.
  • Wide comfy elastic waistband that can stretch for a more comfortable fit.
  • blue satin full circle rock and roll skirt is approximately 65cm long.
  • Limited Time FREE Bonus: matching blue satin neck scarf valued at $9.95!

The blue satin full circle rock and roll skirt is pictured with Classic Ringer T-shirt and adjustable cinch belt are shown for style and photographic purposes and are not included. Adjustable cinch belts are available separately.

Washing, Drying and Ironing Tips:

  • Consider dry-cleaning your satin dress. Dry-cleaning is the safest way to clean satin, and is the best option if you're cleaning your skirt before storing it or putting it away for a period of time. If you have your skirt dry cleaned consider getting the skirt waterproofed, this treatment will make the satin material more durable and resistant to future stains.

  • If professional dry-cleaning isn't an option, you may be able to purchase dry-cleaning solution from your local supermarket. Do a spot test first, and then dab the solution over any stains using cotton wool.

  • Select a very mild detergent. There are detergents specifically designed to clean satin, but you may also use a gentle all-purpose detergent for delicates.

  • Washing satin by hand is the safest method. To hand wash, use cool or cold water and a large basin or bathtub. Add gentle all-purpose detergent to the water, and allow your satin skirt to soak for no longer than five minutes. Turn the skirt inside out, and gently swish the skirt around and rub the suds into the material (on the back side of the fabric). Rinse thoroughly with cool or cold water.

  • Allow your skirt to air dry. First, lay it on a clean, dry towel. Roll up the towel and squeeze out any residual water. Unroll it, lay the garment flat on another dry towel and let it air dry. Keep it in a cool spot, away from the sun or any heat.

  • If you must iron your satin skirt, do so with caution! Make sure you are using a dry iron, with no steam. Turn the fabric inside out, and use a very low heat setting.
  • Do not apply the iron directly to the fabric. Instead, lay a damp thin cloth like a handkerchief over your skirt and iron on top of this cloth, when the handkerchief dries out re-dampen and repeat until the skirt is ironed. This way, the iron never touches the fabric and a very small amount of moisture in the handkerchief will help iron out any little wrinkles.
  • Do not spend too much time ironing one spot.

The blue satin rock and roll circle skirt is part of the Rock and Roll skirt Retro-Vintage collection!

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 January, 2018.

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